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First Aid Certification: Avoid Getting Permanent Scalds from Burn Accidents at Home

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Burns whether minor or serious should be treated immediately they happen with extra care and precautions in order not to be disfigured permanently from it. They are lots First aid Certification programs that trains you with the right techniques to treat any type of burns even though you might think you it is obvious what to do when this type of accident happen, you might just be wrong. Though, the First Aid treatment might not total prevent the affected part of the skin from getting a permanent scald, it will surely reduce the amount of damage it does to your skin.

Your first step in applying first aid on burns is to identify the type of burn you are dealing with. Identifying the kind of burn it is will help you in knowing what kit to use and initial actions to take before treating the wound. Basically, there are three types of burns; we have first degree burns, second degree burns and the last but not the least third degree burns.

  • Identifying First Degree Burns: If this is the type of burn you are dealing with then you do not have much to worry about. It only affects the outer layer of the skin. You will notice that the color of the skin will be red and you will also notice a little swelling. The pain is not always much, nothing a pain relieve tablet wouldn’t handle.
  • Identifying Second Degree Burn: These types of burn usually go deeper than the first layer of the skin. It affects the second layer of the skin which is called the dermis by medical professionals; they call it a Second Degree burn. You will notice symptoms like the development of blisters on the affected part of the skin. It is also red like the first degree burns but even darker and less hideous on the eye. The pain is more severe than the first degree burn and so is the swelling; it swells bigger and faster.
  • Identifying Third Degree Burns: as might have guessed, this is the worst and most serious of them all. These burns usually cause permanent damage to the skin even when treated right. Though in
    First Aid Certified Courses

    First Aid Certified Courses

    some case a little plastic surgery takes care of it the scald that if treated first by someone with a First Aid Certification. You will notice symptoms like: huge swell; the affected part of the skin becomes very fat. Even the muscle size increases enormously and in some case the bone also. The affected part of the skin becomes white and dry. As you can imagine it is even more hideous on the eye than the first two types of burns. The pain is excruciating. The victims find it difficult to breath in air or out.

The First Aid Certification programs give you all the skills you need to treat any type of burns; you can never know when you need the skill especially when you or a member of your family is a victim. Burns are not only bad because they can disfigure your skin permanently, but they can also cause infection which is dangerous to the health and can even lead to death.

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