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Sore throat allergy

Sore throat is also known as pharyngitis. A sore throat is caused by a bacteria or virus and sometimes it can be caused by allergies especially if the allergy causes coughing. It is also caused by smoking, acid reflux, pollution, dry air, excessive shouting or an allergic reaction. A person with sore throat can also experience a headache, stomach ache, swelling glands in the neck and common cold. [youtube u ...

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Rug burns

Brush burn or rug burn which is a minor abrasion due from friction between the skin and another surface such as rope, sidewalk or a carpet. Brush burn usually occurs among children who are fond of rolling and playing on rough surfaces. The burn produces raw, sensitive skin that cause severe pain or sore to the touch. The bleeding is only minimal. Rug burns can range from grazed skin that is colored pink to ...

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Yellow jacket allergy

Yellow jacket is a wasp the size of a house fly and named for the black and yellow stripes found in the abdomen. They form their nest in the ground and become dangerous if their nest are disturbed that can cause stinging attacks against the perpetrator. Wasps can easily remove their stingers from the skin and can sting repeatedly. The reaction of a yellow jacket sting varies from minor irritation to death. ...

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When it comes to chilblains, it is a form of vasculitis that happens when a predisposed person is exposed to cold. Exposure to cold can result to damage to the small blood vessels in the skin and cause redness, blisters, inflammation and itchiness which usually affect the toes, fingers, nose and ears. Women, children and the elderly are susceptible to develop this condition. [youtube url="https://www.youtub ...

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Close look on cauliflower ear

Cauliflower ear or auricular hematoma is an injury to the outer ear that causes internal bleeding and inflammation which results to the puffed up appearance of the top area of ear. It is usually due to a direct injury, excessive friction from rubbing or constant trauma to the ear. This injury is usually common among individuals who engage in wrestling, mixed martial arts, boxing, water polo and rugby. [yout ...

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Heel spurs

Heels spurs are calcium deposits that accumulate on the underside of the heel bone. The abnormal deposit of calcium develops when the plantar fascia is disconnected from the heel. The stretching of the plantar fascia is common among individuals with flat feet and those who have high arches. [youtube url=""] Heel spurs are common among athletes performing in activit ...

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Pinched nerve in the elbow

An individual can end up with a pinched nerve in the elbow which is also known as cubital tunnel syndrome. In this condition, the nerve is entrapped or becomes pinched due to overuse, direct trauma and anatomic variations. [youtube url=""] Cubital tunnel syndrome is a neurological condition which causes discomfort and pain and sometimes there is weakness of the for ...

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Wrist tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis is a condition where the tendons of the wrist are damaged due to overuse and results to inflammation and swelling of the affected tendons. [youtube url=""] The wrist is composed of eight small bones in the hand with two bones passing the forearm called the ulna and radius. There are several muscles of the hand and wrist which originates from the ul ...

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