Training Locations

When registering for first aid training customers have a number of options to consider when picking the course that they need. St. Mark James is the leading provider of workplace-approved first aid training in Canada and offers candidates the most options and the largest variety, especially when referring to first aid re-certification training. We are partnered with the largest, highest quality, and lowest priced workplace-approved first aid trainers throughout Canada. They are located in most Canadian training locations in major municipalities including Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Surrey, and Vancouver. Visit the location of your choice to view the highest quality provider in your region that offers top-quality workplace-approved first aid training at exceptionally low prices.

Training Locations Providers Throughout Canada

The following is a list of all of our workplace-approved First Aid Training Partners in Canada

British Columbia





Nova Scotia

Why Register With Our Providers?

Surrey First Aid and CPR Class
All of our training partners have clean and conveniently located training centers. Many of our training locations have classrooms like the one posted above.

To determine which training partners to send our customers so we created a list of what our customers were searching for when selecting a first aid training provider. The following is a list of criteria that we based our searches on when selecting training partners in your region

  • Lowest and most competitively priced first aid and CPR courses.
  • A convenient amount of courses are offered several times per week on several dates.
  • Comfortable and convenient training locations with several training locations in larger municipalities.
  • High-quality customer service with simple and effective registration.
  • Knowledgeable and effective workplace-approved first-aid instructors.
  • Certification awards that meet the highest standards and government regulations.
  • Well maintained and modern training equipment.
  • The safe, clean, and well-maintained learning environment

Credible and Valid Certifications

All candidates that complete the workplace-approved first aid training course will receive an award that is licensed and valid for 3 years. The award will state the type of first aid and CPR certification awarded to the candidate and will also state AED certification. All of our training providers also offer first aid re-certification training for participants looking to renew / re-certify current certificates.

For more information about our workplace-approved first aid training partners in your area select your location from above or from one of the menus. Learn the basic skills to save a life by taking a workplace-approved first aid and CPR course today.