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Dealing with Heartburn

Overview When the chest feels hot, warm or there is pain that begins underneath the breastbone and travels up into the throat, this is known as heartburn. This is also referred to as indigestion. This can lead to sore stomach, or vomiting. This is not actually something that is caused by your heart, though many times people feel as though they are having a problem with their heart when they have heartburn. ...

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Moving Victims During First Aid

In an event of an emergency, there may be need to move the victim from one place to another during first aid. This could be due to several reasons, common being to get medication and safety since the current position may be exposing him to more danger. The first aider could also be at risk, hence the need to get to a place that is safe for both parties. With the injuries that the victim has, the movement ne ...

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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is pain that is felt in and around the shoulder and can be caused by the joint, muscles, ligaments or tendons. Pain becomes worse when performing activities or moving the arms or shoulder. Conditions and diseases that affect the structures of the chest or abdomen such as diseases of the heart and gallbladder can also cause shoulder pain. [youtube url=" ...

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Prickly heat

Summer is a pleasant time of the year for some people, but it becomes a dreadful time for other people suffering from prickly heat which is also called heat rash. Always bear in mind that prickly heat can affect adults, children and infants. [youtube url=""] Prickly heat happens in people living in hot and humid climates and cause excessive sweating that causes blo ...

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