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Treating Various Degree Of Burns

Overview Of Burns A burn is a wound to the body’s tissue caused from heat, chemical substances, electrical energy or sunlight. A scald is a sort of burn caused by vapor or boiling liquid. How severe a burn actually is depends on the amount of tissue affected and the intensity of the wound. Burns are usually classified as: 1st degree - Burns causing harm to the external layer of the skin, also known as the e ...

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First Aid For A Deep Wound

Overview Of A Puncture Wound Puncture wounds can be quite deep or superficial. The treatment for a puncture wound depends on how severe the puncture wound is and the extent of the object creating it. The main aim is to control bleeding and avoid infections. Treating A Puncture Wound Remain safe. If you are not the casualty, make sure you apply standard safety measures and wear protective clothing if you hav ...

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Medical Care For Stroke Victims

Overview Of A Stroke A stroke is a severe, dangerous medical condition that takes place when the blood supplied to the brain is stopped. Strokes are a medical crisis and vital treatment is necessary because the sooner a casualty gets treatment for a stroke, the less harm is likely to occur. If you notice that you or somebody else is suffering from a stroke, call the EMS straight away and request an ambulanc ...

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First Aid Management for Heat Rash

As suggested by the name, heat rash occurs in hot and humid conditions. Heat rash is a common skin condition that is characterized by severe itching of the skin leading to a prickly or stinging feeling. This occurs when an individual is perspires excessively and clogs the sweat glands. As a result, sweat is trapped under the skin, which leads to the formation of small, red bumps in the erythematous (redness ...

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Treating A Seizure

Overview Of A Seizure A seizure or convulsion can happen at any age and is caused by irregular electrical activity in the brain producing unmanageable muscular activity, resulting in unconsciousness. There are several kinds of convulsions, with some being fairly mild and others are more harsh and prolonged. A full-blown epileptic seizure consists of aggressive jerking of the limbs, contacting of the face, a ...

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First Aid If Someone Chokes

Overview Of Choking A person chokes when the airway is partially or entirely blocked and airflow to the lungs is restricted or cut off. The choking victim either has difficulty breathing or cannot take in air at all. A choking casualty might pass on if first aid is not given straight away. Breathing is a vital part of our existence. When we breathe in, we inhale in a blend of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dio ...

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