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Corneal Foreign Body

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Corneal Foreign Body

A corneal foreign body is characterized by the occurrence of a foreign particle in the cornea of eyes. The most common type of particles that gets embedded thus are dust particles, paints chips, plant material and debris like metal, woods, etc.

Who’s At Risk?

Eye Injury


A person who works in such risky environment and yet fails to adhere to use proper eyewear is generally affected by corneal foreign body. Such jobs includes, operator of grinding and drilling machine, work in the garden, work in high wind condition or simply working a debris laden place. One can also get corneal foreign body simply from walking down a street in a dusty environment or by riding in a car with the widows open.

Signs and Symptoms:

Most of the times, the embedded particle is visible in the cornea. In case cases you will have a feeling as if something in your eyes cannot be washed out. It may also be accompanied by the following signs and symptoms.

  • Sharp pain in the eyes, typically in the spot where the particle is embedded.
  • A Burning sensation in the eyes.
  • An urge to scratch your eyes repeatedly
  • Excessive production of tears in the eyes.
  • Temporary vision loss or blurred vision
  • Reddening of the eyes
  • Blood spot on the white of the eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty opening the eye and a constant feeling of irritation.

Self-Care Guidelines:

Self-care guidelines to take care of corneal foreign body includes:

  • Don’t rub the eye which is affected with corneal foreign body.
  • Use clean water and gently rinse the eye.
  • Try using sunglasses to reduce light sensitivity.
  • If using contact lenses, don’t use it till your eyes have completely healed.
  • Gently pull your upper eyelid over the lower eyelid and gently release. This action can dislodge the particle from corneal and will wash out when you wash your eyes with water.

In order to reduce the chances of corneal foreign body, one should always wear protective eyewear while working in jobs that requires dusty environment.

When to Seek Medical Care

In case kids are affected by it, medical attention should be sought immediately. For adults if the sign of cornel foreign body worsens like persistent pain the eye, significant vision loss, bleeding in the eye, etc., continues, he should seek medical advice.

Your doctor can remove he corneal foreign body from the eyes with simple instrument. The eyes are then treated with antibiotic drops and ointment. In case the injury is far more serious, then an eye care professional should be sought. It is advisable to always wear protective eyewear in conditions where you might run the risk of getting affected by corneal foreign body.

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