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How to Prevent a Bear Attack?

If you are to survive a bear attack and tell the tale, the first thing that you must know is that bears are highly unpredictable. Regardless of whether you are talking about a grizzly bear or a black bear, this is something that you must keep in mind.  The safest bet, as far as bear attacks, is to avoid the attack altogether. Bears hate surprises, so whenever you are hiking, go about it noisily so that you ...

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Gastrointestinal Perforation – What You Need To Know?

Introduction: what is gastrointestinal perforation? This is an injury which refers to the occurrence of a hole that forms from the stomach through to the large intestine, the ileum, the rectum or the gall bladder. For obvious reasons, this is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. When these organs are perforated, the contents of the specific gland are let out into the abdominal cavity. The ...

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Gas Leaks – How to Manage?

Gas leaks are something that every household should take seriously owing to the grave injuries that are associated with such incidences. How does one manage such a leak after detection? This article seeks to provide you with appropriate information on how to go about such a situation. First and foremost, it is important to elucidate what leads to a gas leak. This is usually happens as the result of ill fitt ...

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How Do You Treat an Insect Sting Injury?

When a person has suffered an insect sting injury, the first thing that you must do is to check whether the patient is still breathing. If they are not breathing well, make sure to call 911. Look out for hives as well and ask the patient whether they are felling faint. A swollen tongue is also indicative of an emergency that must be attended to immediately. Ask the patient whether they have a history of all ...

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First Aid for Removing a Foreign Object In The Ear

A foreign object in the ear, if not attended to, can easily lead to loss of hearing. It is easy for an adult to know that they have an object stuck in their ear, but for small kids, this may not be the case. For this reason, one should always check with their kids especially when they complain of discomfort in the ear. Due to the nature of this injury, it is imperative that individuals are aware of the firs ...

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How to deal with menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps, also known as dysmenorrheal refers to dull abdominal pains that women experience just before their menses. In many cases these pains will proceed during menses. The extent of pain will differ from one lady to another. While some experience the cramps as a mere discomfort, some experience pain severe enough to have them hospitalized. Cramps during menses can be the result of underlying medi ...

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How to Recognize and Manage Lead Poisoning?

Definition of lead poisoning This refers to a condition where lead, a heavy metal, accumulates in the human body to alarming levels, and happens over an elongated period of time. This has devastating effects on different systems in the body. It is important to know that lead poisoning is very common in children below the age of five. The reason for this is that lead is often used in paint, and kids will som ...

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Is There Any Way to Reduce The Risk of SIDS?

SIDS is an abbreviation of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a condition which causes the sudden inexplicable death of an infant. The fact that it cannot possible be explained means that it can take a while before the concerned parties realize that this was the cause of death. Perhaps the fact that answers are not readily available makes this condition a frightening reality. In many cases, the child’s primary c ...

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What is the treatment of preeclampsia?

Treatment of preeclampsia is necessitated following complications of the same. Preeclampsia is a condition that arises during pregnancy, and is linked to the occurrence of high blood pressure. This elevated pressure is often accompanied by the presence of protein in urine. Pregnant women may experience preeclampsia any time after the 20th week. In some cases, this extends up to six weeks postpartum (6 weeks ...

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What you should know about First aid tips for motorcyclists

What is the first aid tips for motorcyclists? Motorcycling is a high speed type of sport, and for this reason it is important that those who engage in this sport are aware of the risks involved, and therefore set out to know the first aid tips for motorcyclists. Some of the injuries that one can sustain from a motorcycle accident include trauma to the head, neck injuries, spine injuries as well as fractures ...

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