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General First Aid Instructions To Keep In Mind After Training

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There is more to first aid training than meets the eye, and this is because there are a number of first aid instructions that first aiders must be aware of.

A First Aider Checking the Body Temperature if a Patient

A First Aider Checking the Body Temperature if a Patient

Some of the instructions indicated below may or may not be taught in training centers, which is why it is extremely important to go to an accredited training institution as you are certain that you are receiving quality training. Once you have completed your training, it becomes crucial to keep your skills refreshed to prevent them from becoming obsolete in the fast-paced world that we live in. here are some of the instructions that you will find very crucial in your work as a first aider.

–          In case the victim you are attending to becomes unconscious, there are two key factors that you will need to keep in mind to assist expert medical professionals determine the course of action, the two are: the rate of the victim’s pulse as well as the period of time that it takes for the victim to become conscious.

–          One of the most critical aspects as far as first aid care is concerned is the blood pressure of the victim at the scene. Even then, it becomes very important to know that it is normal for blood pressure to rise when the victim has become subjected to stress, pain, fear or shock. As such, one of the first aid instructions to follow includes the fact that such stress factors must be considered when determining the effect of the blood pressure of a victim receiving first aid treatment. More importantly, first aiders must know that, though very rare, hypertension emergencies do exist and this is where the blood pressure exceeds 200/120.

–          What first aid do you give to a person who is choking? A first aider knows very well that the proper first aid procedure to follow in line with first aid instructions is to give the Heimlich maneuver. What happens however, when a person claims to be choking but can still talk to you? This proves tricky for many first aiders, but the scientific truth is that it is not possible to talk when one is choking, and for this reason, the Heimlich must not be used in such a case as it is evident that the victim’s airways are still open.

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–          When dealing with seizures, one of the most important first aid instructions that first aiders need to be aware of is that many seizures are not dangerous in themselves. The danger arises from the effects of forceful spasmic muscular contractions that remain unrestrained. For this sole reason, whenever a victim gets seizures, make sure to remove any objects which can cause the victim to harm themselves. Time the seizure as well, taking note that seizures will often be followed by a brief period where the victim looks confused. As someone who is well versed with first aid instructions, assuring the victim during this period means that they will get well faster.

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