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Prickly heat

Summer is a pleasant time of the year for some people, but it becomes a dreadful time for other people suffering from prickly heat which is also called heat rash. Always bear in mind that prickly heat can affect adults, children and infants. [youtube url=""] Prickly heat happens in people living in hot and humid climates and cause excessive sweating that causes blo ...

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First Aid Management for Heat Rash

As suggested by the name, heat rash occurs in hot and humid conditions. Heat rash is a common skin condition that is characterized by severe itching of the skin leading to a prickly or stinging feeling. This occurs when an individual is perspires excessively and clogs the sweat glands. As a result, sweat is trapped under the skin, which leads to the formation of small, red bumps in the erythematous (redness ...

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