Car Accident

What to do in a Car Accident

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Five Main Causes of Car Accidents

Accidents are defined as unexpected and undesirable events. The top

five main causes are all preventable by becoming a better driver.

  • Distracted drivers
    • Texting while driving
    • Looking around
    • Changing the radio station
    • Drunk driving
      • Drinking and driving leading to poor concentration
      • Aggressive drivers
        • Also called road rage
        • Tailgating, flashing lights at other drives, changing lanes quickly, etc.
        • Speeding
          • Reduces time available to react to something in the road
          • Driver fatigue
            • Driver is too tired or sleepy to drive
            • Slowed response to stimulation leading to impaired body coordination
            • Poor concentration
            • Impaired judgment

First Aid Response in Car Accidents

If one witnesses an accident, emergency medical services must be called for as soon as possible. It is better to assume that no one has called and make multiple calls rather than being unsure if one has called. Describe the location to the operator and explain what just occurred.

  • Before approaching the accident, use caution.
    • If one is in a car, park beyond the accident and turn off engine.
    • Look for hazards.
    • Assess the situation. Ask help from other bystanders.
    • Assist the injured person until the paramedics arrive. Follow the danger, response, airway, breathing, and circulation (DRABC).
      • Check the victims and do not move the victim unless there is immediate danger in the surroundings. Many victims of intense car accidents cause head, neck or spinal injuries.
      • Confirm for response from the victim to check consciousness.
      • Check airway, breathing and circulation. If necessary, commence CPR.
      • For cases of severe bleeding, apply direct pressure to the wound using an absorbent cloth.
      • Be on the lookout for symptoms of shock. Treat for symptoms of shock if necessary.
      • Do not leave the victim alone.

First Aid Response in Car Accidents for Pregnant Women

Car Accident                Harm can be caused to both mother and unborn child in car accidents. Specifically, some of the pregnancy complications include premature birth, miscarriage, Cesarean section, hemorrhaging, birth defects and placental abruption. For all pregnant women in any trimester of their pregnancy, the following precaution should be done, even with minor abdominal trauma.

  • Call for an ambulance or head to emergency room and wait for the OB gyn.
  • Ensure that the pregnant woman completes the tests necessary.
  • Do not ignore any symptoms.

Knowing how to respond in a car accident can improve the outcome of the accident for everyone. It is always advisable to keep a first aid kit, complete with supplies and equipment in every car. Moreover, it is strongly recommended for everyone to take first aid training and CPR courses taught by many institutions and organizations, such as workplace approved, to be able to respond in car accidents and many other emergency situations one may witness.

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