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Impetigo Symptoms and Treatment

Impetigo is a very contagious infection of the skin that typically occurs in infants and young children. Impetigo normally occurs in the form of red sores on the face, particularly around the mouth or nose. These sores will later burst and form crusts the color of honey. Impetigo may disappear on its own within two to three weeks; however, the use of antibiotics can reduce the length of this period and also ...

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First Aid Care for Burns

Determining the extent of burns One of the most important assessments for victims with burns is determining the severity of burns. Being able to correctly assess, determine and evaluate the severity of a burn requires an efficient estimation on how much body surface area the burn has covered. The Rule of the Hand is a tool in which paramedical personnel and medical professionals use to efficiently determine ...

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Delirium First Aid

Delirium refers to a severe disturbance in someone’s mental capabilities, which is characterized by confusion and the decreased environment of the person’s surroundings. Delirium usually occurs suddenly. Delirium can occur due to one or more risk factors such as medication, chronic medical illness, surgery, infection or alcohol or drug abuse. Symptoms of delirium can be similar to those of dementia; therefo ...

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Common Warts

Common warts refer to grainy growths of the skin that usually occur on the skin of the fingers and your hands. Common warts are tiny growths that may also cause some black dots on the skin as a result of small clots in blood vessels, causing the skin to feel rough. Common warts are contagious and are transferred through touch. Common warts occur due to a virus and are more likely to occur in children and yo ...

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