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Dealing With Whooping Cough

Overview Of Whooping Cough The disease is extremely contagious and most severe in babies below the age of 12 months. It’s very uncommon for kids who have been inoculated against whooping cough to get the illness – and if they do, it’s generally not as severe. The condition generally begins with an insistent dry and exasperating cough that develops to intense attacks of coughing. These are followed by a dist ...

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How To Treat Acid Reflux

Overview Acid reflux (also known as GORD) is a disorder where abdominal acid leaks out of the belly and into the esophagus (gullet). Symptoms of GORD consist of: Heartburn - stinging pain on the chest or uneasiness that takes place after eating. An unfriendly taste in the mouth that tends to be sour which is caused by the abdominal acid flowing back into the mouth (this is referred to as regurgitation). Dif ...

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