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What to do in a Car Accident

Five Main Causes of Car Accidents Accidents are defined as unexpected and undesirable events. The top five main causes are all preventable by becoming a better driver. Distracted drivers Texting while driving Looking around Changing the radio station Drunk driving Drinking and driving leading to poor concentration Aggressive drivers Also called road rage Tailgating, flashing lights at other drives, changing ...

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Emergency Approach During Bombing Incidents

Emergency approach during bombing incidents include adequate preparation during such events where hundreds and even thousands of victims will be needing care of which a majority of injured individuals will not be properly given care in a common hospital emergency plan. The need for an effective emergency approach during bombing incidents is indicative that the growing threat of terrorist attack is becoming ...

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Keep Your Home Safe with the Right Babysitter

Keep Your Home Safe: Get A Qualified Babysitter If you have young children at home, an excellent way to keep your home safe is to choose a sitter who has completed a Babysitting Course. Recent figures show that unintentional injuries remain the fifth leading causes of death in Canada. The sad thing is that many of these injuries are actually preventable. Moreover, a great percentage of these unintentional i ...

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Why First Aid Training Is Essential For Babysitters

Most parents have a very hectic schedule, and when they are away for work or to run some errands children are often entrusted to the care of babysitters. Although parents do not really want to leave their young children, they are forced to do so because of their commitments at work. But before you leave your child to a babysitter, you want to make sure that the sitter is qualified to care for your beloved c ...

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