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Safety in the Scene of an Accident

Accidents can happen in the most unlikely places. To make things worse, bystanders and passersby want a piece of the action. Everyone wants to get involved, making the situation more unorganized and unruly. The scene of an accident is always a hectic place with a lot of things happening all at once. As a trained first aider, you should consider the safety of everyone in the accident scene. Safety takes prec ...

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Triage and Moving Victims

Emergency triage during disaster with multiple victims First aid rescuers are sometimes presented with horrific scenes of natural or manmade disasters that leave a havoc of multiple victims with injuries ranging from mild to life-threatening. You may encounter emergency situations where there will be more than one injured person. Being able to prioritize and classify the extent/seriousness of the situation ...

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Getting Basic CPR and First Aid Training

[heading style="1"]Get your basic CPR and First Aid Training with this article from us.[/heading] [caption id="attachment_278" align="alignleft" width="300"] Basic CPR procedure at Training First Aid[/caption] Being prepared for any type of emergency should become a virtue for everyone. This is because emergency response is not always conveniently close by. The worst thing about such situations is that they ...

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