American Training Locations

Our training providers are located all over the United States, in 6 cities in 5 states. All of our programs are available in each of the providers. There are Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support courses offered through the entire week, as well as re-certification classes. Not all of the classes have available re-certification classes but all of them give students credentials after successfully passing the entire training course.

If you want to enrol in a training course with any of our providers, you can just visit the provider’s website and use the form to sign up. You can also use the contact details on the websites to sign up through telephone or e-mail.

Available training courses

Basic Life Support programs

The BLS guidelines were created by the American Heart Association in response to a demand for standards in providing CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation involves the use of chest compressions and rescue breaths to keep oxygenated blood circulating through the body during cardiac arrest. AED training is also included in all the programs.

  1. Heartsaver CPR/AED (with first aid) – 4 hrs.; for the general public (optional certification)
  2. Heartsaver CPR/AED (C) (with first aid) – 4.5 hrs; for healthcare providers
  3. Basic Life Support for healthcare providers* – 4.5 hrs

*To qualify for this program, a trainee needs to pass a pre-test skills and written exam

Advanced Life Support programs

ALS programs are for healthcare professionals who want to learn how to provider CPR in a clinical area. ALS programs are different from programs teaching basic CPR because they include training in medication administration and how to use crash cart equipment during a code.

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support – 16 hrs., 2 days; for healthcare professionals*
  2. Pediatric Advanced Life Support – 14 hrs., 2 days; for healthcare professionals*

*HCPs are required to have an existing, valid certification in Basic Life Support training for HCPs to qualify for this program.

Training provider locations

  • Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles CPR
  • San Francisco, California – San Francisco CPR
  • Honolulu, Hawaii – Honolulu CPR
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas CPR
  • Portland, Oregon – Portland CPR
  • Seattle, Washington – Seattle CPR


Certificates expire after 24 months. Students can sign up for re-certification before they expire so the certificates can be renewed for another two years. Expired certificates will not be renewed at any of our providers so be sure to get renewed before the expiration date. Re-certification is available for all programs except the two Heartsaver programs.

Choose a CPR training program from the list above. You are assured of quality training, flexible schedules, and affordable rates. Get started with any of our providers today!

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