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Emergency Approach During Bombing Incidents

Emergency approach during bombing incidents include adequate preparation during such events where hundreds and even thousands of victims will be needing care of which a majority of injured individuals will not be properly given care in a common hospital emergency plan. The need for an effective emergency approach during bombing incidents is indicative that the growing threat of terrorist attack is becoming ...

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Keep Your Home Safe with the Right Babysitter

Keep Your Home Safe: Get A Qualified Babysitter If you have young children at home, an excellent way to keep your home safe is to choose a sitter who has completed a Babysitting Course. Recent figures show that unintentional injuries remain the fifth leading causes of death in Canada. The sad thing is that many of these injuries are actually preventable. Moreover, a great percentage of these unintentional i ...

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Shigella Infection

Shigella is a family of bacteria that are passed through ingestion of contaminated food or water, swimming or bathing contaminated water; or through direct contact with the bacteria in the stool. Signs and symptoms It is noted that Shigella infects the digestive track of an individual thereby causing abdominal pain and cramps, vomiting, fever and nausea. Intestinally, it causes bloody diarrhea to the victim ...

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Suffocation leads to Asphyxiation

Kids often play with plastic bags and enjoy putting over their heads using them as toys, unknowing of the possible consequences. Death can become of anyone who tries to put a plastic over their head. When plastic bags are placed over the head, the casualty is capable of breathing out but cannot breathe in because the plastic gets sucked onto the face. The common tendency is to panic and often tend to forget ...

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