First Aid Training FAQ’s

The following page is dedicated to the frequently asked questions about first aid training:

What is the difference between emergency first aid and standard first aid?

Standard first aid is a more comprehensive course that takes twice as long to complete. It is more expensive and covers more CPR and first aid topics.

Will I get AED certification with my first aid?

Yes, automated external defibrillator training is included in all first aid courses.

I received my award when I was in the U.S.A can I re-certify here?

No, unfortunately awards are not internationally accredited. You must re-take the full course.

I lost my previous certificate. What should I do?

Contact the provider that issued you the certificate so that they can re-issue you one.

What should I wear to a first aid training course?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You will be moving around quite a bit and CPR can be physically difficult.

Should I bring a lunch?

Most provider or training partners do not offer food but are usually situated in areas with plenty of places to eat. Bring a lunch if you are not sure.

I’ve already taken so many first aid courses, can we make the course shorter?

No, the instructor is required to complete the course in the minimum alloted time regardless of class size and experience.

What are we going to cover in a re-cert training class?

Candidates will cover the same materials covered in the full course but in a condensed format with focus on the latest changes in the standards.

How do I register for a course?

Select from one of the course names or links in the side menu bar. They will direct you to another page where you can select your location.

Are first aid training courses hard?

No, however, come fully rested and ready to learn. Over 90% of people easily complete the course. The courses can be fun.

Is the multiple choice test hard?

Most people have no problems or issues with the multiple choice test.