Treatment of muscle twitching of the neck

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Muscle twitching is caused by minor muscle contractions in the area or an uncontrollable twitching of a group of muscle that is served by single nerve fiber. It is important to note that muscle twitching can be a symptom of a nervous system disorder. If you want to ease the discomfort, all you have to do is register for first aid training in your area today.

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Twitching of the neck muscles is involuntary and there is abrupt contraction and jerking felt in the neck muscles. This form of jolting and constriction of the neck muscles is caused by overuse, stress as well as strain or weakening of the muscle of the neck caused by poor posture. The neck muscles are automatically tensed and sometimes the jerks can be evident in the muscles. Twitching of the neck muscle is a transitory occurrence and only continues for a few minutes before it disappears.

Muscle twitching of the neck
Twitching of the neck muscles is involuntary and there is abrupt contraction and jerking felt in the neck muscles.

Twitching of the neck muscles can be a side effect of certain medications such as anti-depressive medications. The intensity and occurrence of twitching of the neck can be minimized by massage, medication, stretching exercises and ice fomentation or ice compress.

Treatment and home remedies of twitching of the neck muscle

  • If he/she feels twitching in neck muscles, just exercise the neck by moving the neck to one side, then hold it for a few seconds on the side and move back to the original position, then move the neck to the other side and repeat the same procedure.
  • A hot shower can help minimize twitching by letting the water flow in the direction of the affected area of the neck for a few minutes until the twitching subsides.
  • Apply hot water fomentation on the affected muscle by soaking a towel in hot water then place it over the affected muscle for 10-15 minutes.
  • Make a fist with the hand and place it below the chin, then slowly move the head backwards using the force of the fist and keep in that position for a few minutes until a stretch can be felt. Relax the neck by bringing it back to its normal position and repeat this procedure at least five times.
  • Massage using coconut oil or olive oil on affected area of the neck for 5-10 minutes in order to relax the stressed and strained muscles.
  • Maintain good posture by sitting in a chair with an arm rest in order to help relax the shoulder and do not place a heavy load on the muscles of the neck while working or sitting on a chair while engaging in desk work.
  • Ice fomentation or a cold compress helps in minimizing the intensity and time of the twitching muscles in the neck. All you have to do is place some ice cubes in a cloth and apply over the twitching muscle at least 10 minutes for 2-3 times a day. The next day alternate it with a hot compress by placing a hot water bag over the affected area for a few minutes in order to relax the strained muscles.
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements that contains magnesium since it is a natural relaxant of the muscles of the neck.

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