Rug burns

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Brush burn or rug burn which is a minor abrasion due from friction between the skin and another surface such as rope, sidewalk or a carpet. Brush burn usually occurs among children who are fond of rolling and playing on rough surfaces. The burn produces raw, sensitive skin that cause severe pain or sore to the touch. The bleeding is only minimal. Rug burns can range from grazed skin that is colored pink to several layers of missing skin in which raw skin is exposed.

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  • The hands must be clean before touching the damaged skin. Rug burns can be infected if bacteria enter the wound.
  • If the burned area becomes infected, wash it gently with warm water and antibacterial soap. Remove any debris or dirt by using only the fingers to help prevent any infection.
    Rug burns
    Cover loosely the affected area using gauze or adhesive bandage.
  • Disinfect the wound using iodine or hydrogen peroxide if dirt or debris are present in the affected area and if the bleeding is substantial. Immerse a cotton ball in iodine or peroxide and apply it on the affected area. Avoid using alcohol to the condition from getting worse.
  • Apply the prescribed antibacterial cream such as Neosporin to the damaged area.
  • Cover loosely the affected area using gauze or adhesive bandage. After 24 hours, take out the bandage from the burn. If the surface of the affected area begins to form crusts or scabs, allow it to stay uncovered and exposed to air to promote fast healing of the condition. If the skin is still red and raw or there is no formation of crust, cover it again for another 24 hours. Change the bandage after taking a bath and before sleeping to maintain the dryness and cleanliness of the wound.
  • If the affected area is warm and causes severe pain, run cool water over the injured area for at least 10 minutes every hour or two. Avoid placing directly on the burned area to prevent making the condition worse.
  • Avoid covering the injured area with clothing to help prevent irritation of the burn. If there is a need to wear clothes, cover first the affected area using gauze or bandage.
  • Keep the area free from moisture to minimize the growth of bacteria that can lead to an infection. Keep it dry by wiping it using a cotton ball.
  • If the damaged area is oozing blood, it is time to seek medical help immediately.
  • Apply aloe on the burned area to promote fast healing of the condition. Slice up aloe in small portion and squeeze the gel into the affected area.
  • Apply honey over the rug burn to lessen the itching and promote fast healing of the condition.
  • Increase the intake of Vitamin C to help boost the immune system of the body and protect the body from bacteria. Eat citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries and tomatoes. Take vitamin C supplement every day. Vitamin E which is high in antioxidants can also help promote fast healing of the condition.

If the rug burn becomes infected and does not heal for a few days, seek medical help immediately.

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