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Rug burns

Brush burn or rug burn which is a minor abrasion due from friction between the skin and another surface such as rope, sidewalk or a carpet. Brush burn usually occurs among children who are fond of rolling and playing on rough surfaces. The burn produces raw, sensitive skin that cause severe pain or sore to the touch. The bleeding is only minimal. Rug burns can range from grazed skin that is colored pink to ...

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Close look on cauliflower ear

Cauliflower ear or auricular hematoma is an injury to the outer ear that causes internal bleeding and inflammation which results to the puffed up appearance of the top area of ear. It is usually due to a direct injury, excessive friction from rubbing or constant trauma to the ear. This injury is usually common among individuals who engage in wrestling, mixed martial arts, boxing, water polo and rugby. [yout ...

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How To Remove A Splinter

Splinters can become contaminated it remains under the skin for too long. Search for signs of infection prior to removing any splinters. Skin turning red Inflammation Pus seeping from the wound Lots of pain even if there is no movement If the splinter has become infected, visit a doctor so he can remove it. The odds of a splinter becoming contaminated depends on what the splinter is: raw material - like spi ...

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