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What you should know about First aid tips for motorcyclists

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What is the first aid tips for motorcyclists? Motorcycling is a high speed type of sport, and for this reason it is important that those who engage in this sport are aware of the risks involved, and therefore set out to know the first aid tips for motorcyclists. Some of the injuries that one can sustain from a motorcycle accident include trauma to the head, neck injuries, spine injuries as well as fractures and burns. In the event that the rider is in critical condition, the difference between life and death could be in the first aid provided as this will alter the course of treatment significantly.

Due to the nature of injuries, one of the most important things that you can do whenever you are using the first aid tips for motorcyclists is to make sure that the victim can breathe properly. You must also check that bleeding is controlled, all the while protecting the head and neck. A trained first aider will be able to do this effectively, but since such an individual will not always be available, it becomes imperative to know these tips top of your head. To be able to remember what course of action to take, the acronym D.R.S.A.B.C was formed with the intention of making it simple to offer the right techniques. Let us look at each of these letters and what they stand for:

D- D is for danger and means that you should assess the situation to determine whether it is safe to contact the victim. This is the first step in understanding first aid tips for motorcyclists .Look at the risks involved, especially as regards to fires and infections. You must only approach such an accident scene if it is safe to do so, otherwise wait for medical professionals.

R – R is for Response, and it means that you should check to see whether the victim is responsive. Are they conscious or slipping in and out of consciousness? This will determine the kind of first aid that you give.

S – S is for sending help. Call for professional medical assistance. This is not just a first aid tips for motorcyclists, it is also applicable in other incidents.

A – A is for airway. Check to see that the victim’s airways are not obstructed as this could create labored breathing. If the victim is breathing but is not conscious, place them in recovery position.

B – B is for breathing and closely follows the checking of airways obstruction for good reason. If the victim is not breathing, carefully remove the rider helmet and start administering cardiac pulmonary resuscitation or CPR as it is commonly known as. Note that shallow labored breathing should be classified as nit breathing.

C – C is for CPR. This refers to techniques that are available for the victim and which are used with the aim of enabling them to breath. Start off with chest compressions and then work to give breaths. Ideally, it is recommended to give 30 compressions followed by 2 breaths, usually denoted as 30:2.

It is impossible to talk about first aid tips for motorcyclists without making mention of the likelihood of fractures. In case of such, make the movement of the affected area as minimal as possible.

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