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First Aid for Stab Victims

[caption id="attachment_631" align="alignright" width="190"] Immobilizing a Stab Victim[/caption] Whether someone approaches you with a stab wound, or you find a victim lying on the floor, you can offer help by following some basic first aid steps. Stab wounds are life threatening because they can lead to excessive blood loss, which can cause death. It is therefore critical to make all efforts necessary to ...

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Vertigo is the sensation that the surroundings or one’s self is moving but there is no actual movement. One may feel as though he/ she is whirling, spinning, falling or tilting. Moreover, there may be trouble walking or standing. Loss of balance is also common in vertigo. Everyone will experience vertigo at one point in their life, but it is usually temporary, and this is common. But if vertigo occurs often ...

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Triage and Moving Victims

Emergency triage during disaster with multiple victims First aid rescuers are sometimes presented with horrific scenes of natural or manmade disasters that leave a havoc of multiple victims with injuries ranging from mild to life-threatening. You may encounter emergency situations where there will be more than one injured person. Being able to prioritize and classify the extent/seriousness of the situation ...

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