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How to Manage Acute Sinusitis

When the sinuses become inflamed, the resulting condition is referred to as sinusitis. Although acute sinusitis is a minor ailment that resolves within short time duration, it is quite irritating. In some cases, infections can lead to severe symptoms and other complications as well. Seek immediate attention if the condition persists for more than a few weeks. The material posted on this page is for learning ...

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Corneal Foreign Body

Corneal Foreign Body A corneal foreign body is characterized by the occurrence of a foreign particle in the cornea of eyes. The most common type of particles that gets embedded thus are dust particles, paints chips, plant material and debris like metal, woods, etc. Who's At Risk? [caption id="attachment_574" align="alignright" width="300"] Eye-Injury[/caption] A person who works in such risky environment an ...

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Managing Eyelid inflammation

Belpharitis is a condition which involves irritation, swelling or inflammation of the eyelids. Inflammation of the eyelid may occur as a result of a viral or bacterial infection or a chronic skin condition. Disclaimer: The information posted on this page is for learning purposes only. To learn about managing serious medical emergencies enrol in workplace approved training programs. If you have serious eyeli ...

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