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First Aid Tips For Fractures: What You Should Know

What is the definition of a fracture? [caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignright" width="190"] Managing a patient with a fractured hand[/caption] A fracture refers to a broken bone, and in many cases, the words will be used interchangeably. There are many reasons why a fracture would occur, and this is what makes it important to learn the first aid tips for fractures. The most common causes of fracture ...

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Arm slings

An arm sling is a kind of bandage that gives backing to an incapacitated joint. Usually an arm sling is used when a joint is impaired, displaced and damaged caused by a surgical procedure. The purpose of an arm sling is to keep the injured arm or shoulder immovable to allow time for muscles, tendons and bones to heal. [youtube url=""] A good and effective sling is ...

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Jaw injury: signs, symptoms, causes and treatment

Jaw injury refers to any type of damage to the jaw caused due to an injury. Common injuries to the jaw include jaw dislocations, dental injury, jaw contusion and jaw fracture. Jaw injuries are commonly caused by sports injuries, motor vehicle actions, altercations and fist fights. A person with a jaw injury may experience symptoms depending on the type of jaw injury. Symptoms of a jaw dislocation or jaw fra ...

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How to Treat a Broken Arm

Broken arms are painful, yet are rarely fatal injuries. In order to treat a broken arm injury, learn how to detect it and try to perform first aid accordingly. To learn via effective "hands on" training enrol in a workplace approved first aid training program. Symptoms Pain Bruising Swelling Tingling sensation or numbness Deformity of the arm Inability to move the arm Treatment Always consider safety first. ...

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