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CPR Training in Las Vegas

Las Vegas CPR is the best provider you are going to find in the city of Las Vegas. You get a triple threat deal: quality training, quality instructors, and quality rates. Other providers just cannot keep up with the offers we give trainees. With the very flexible schedule we allot each trainee, each year rescuers keep flocking to our programs in CPR as well as for re-certification classes. For more details regarding available classes and schedules, you can head over to the Las Vegas CPR website to get better acquainted with our enrolment procedure. However, details on programs and certification are described further below.

Fire Escape Planning

Lecture room in Las Vegas CPR


Any credentials awarded to trainees after they have successfully completed a training course only have a validity of 24 months. Before the expiration, rescuers can opt to renew them for another 2 years through a re-certification program. These credentials are valid through the entire United States.

Basic Life Support

There are three BLS programs at Las Vegas CPR, all focusing on the basics of CPR and a little bit of first aid. BLS was created by the AHA (American Heart Association) in order to give the public and HCPs a set of guidelines to follow when caring for victims of cardiopulmonary arrest. The guidelines include updates in techniques and medication, all based on following the Chain of Survival.

There are 5 links on the Chain of Survival: (1) recognition of arrest, (2) chest compressions and rescue breaths, (3) defibrillation, (4) ALS – advanced life support, and (5) post-cardiac care.

  1. Heartsaver CPR – includes first aid and AED training, 4 hours. The basic curriculum includes teaching the proper way to give compressions and rescue breaths. Using defibrillators are also included in the lessons. AEDs, short for automated external defibrillators, send electric shock to the heart to get the heart rhythm back to normal. The skills test for certification is optional.
  2. Heartsaver CPR (C) – basically the same as the first program but tailored for healthcare professionals, 4.5 hours. AED and first aid training are also included in the program. A mandatory skill and written test is given at the end of the course.
  3. BLS for healthcare providers – aside from the basic skills of compression, rescue breathing, and defibrillation, students are taught the basics of the BLS system and two-person rescue. The Chain of Survival is taught to trainees, focusing on the first step – recognition – until the third step – rapid defibrillation. This program is 4.5 hours long. A pre-test needs to be passed to qualify and a set of certification tests at the end of the program. Re-certification available, 4 hours.

Advanced Life Support

ALS is tailored for healthcare providers, teaching them how to perform CPR in the hospital using a crash cart complete with equipment. ALS certification is required by practically all hospitals from healthcare professionals they employ.

  1. Advanced Cardiac Life Support – runs for 16 hours over 2 days; teaches the basics of the crash cart, primarily equipment such as defibrillators, bag valve masks, ET/trache tubes, and nasogastric tubes, as well as medication using during a code. Re-certification available, 5-6 hours.
  2. Pediatric Advanced Life Support – runs for 14 hours over 2 daysl teaches ACLS for pediatric victims. Re-certification available, 6-8 hours long.


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