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First Aid for Removing a Foreign Object In The Ear

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A foreign object in the ear, if not attended to, can easily lead to loss of hearing. It is easy for an adult to know that they have an object stuck in their ear, but for small kids, this may not be the case. For this reason, one should always check with their kids especially when they complain of discomfort in the ear. Due to the nature of this injury, it is imperative that individuals are aware of the first aid treatment when an object is lodged in the year. Make sure that you follow the steps below.

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Here’s some Helpful Tips for Managing a Foreign Object Stuck in the Ear

When in doubt consult a physician prior to removing or touching the object. The ear has a lot of delicate parts that are incredibly sensitive and you may cause irreparable damage. To learn more about serious ear problems and injuries enrol in a first aid class with a training provider in your area.

  • Resist the urge to eliminate the foreign object in the ear as this will only increase the risk of pushing the object further down the ear canal and into the middle ear. This means you must avoid probing it using an ear cotton bud, the tip of a pen, a matchstick or any other pointed object that you deem fit. Doing so could easily damage the delicate structures within this part of the ear, thus causing more pain.
  • Following the above tip, you should only attempt to remove the object if it is entirely visible to you. Use a pair of tweezers to hold the object before pulling it out.
  • Tell the patient to tilt their head so that gravity forces will help you get rid of the object. In some cases, and depending on the nature of the injury, the object will fall off once this is done.
  • If you are sure that an insect is the foreign object in the ear, tilt the patient’s head so that the affected ear faces up. Pour olive oil into the ear in an attempt to get the insect to float. Ensure that the olive oil is warm. As you add the oil, make the ear canal straight so that the oil is channeled to the ear easily. Tug the lobe of the year gently; this way, the insect will run out of air and float on the oil. Take note that the olive oil may be replaced with wither mineral oil or baby oil. In addition, this must not be done for any other objects other than insects. Addition of oil is not recommended for individuals with ear tubes or those suffering from ear infections with discharge, whether it is bleeding or pus formation.
  • Do not add oil to an individual who complains of pain with a foreign object in the ear as this could be indicative of perforation of the ear drum. Doing so will only add to more injuries, making it a risky procedure.
  • When these methods do not suffice, or the patient complains of incessant pain, it is advisable to seek professional medical assistance.
  • Look out for a patient who talks of reduced hearing as this could point to a grave emergency situation.
  • Anytime a patient experiences a foreign object in the ear, it is important to make sure that they address it immediately.

The information posted above is for learning purposes only. Take a first aid and/ or CPR course to learn more about managing serious medical emergencies.

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